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The National Oil Corporation (NOC) was established on 12 November 1970 and owns refining, and oil and gas processing companies, operating refineries.

NOC also owns national service companies that carry out oil well drilling and workover operations, provide all drilling material and equipment, lay and maintain oil and gas pipelines, build and maintain oil and gas storage tanks, and carry out related technical and economic studies . They also provide the sector with other services, such as catering, procurement of materials and equipment, training, and employment of foreign employees.

Also affiliated to NOC is a petroleum research center that carries out research and technical studies related to the oil industry, conducts technical analysis and tests for the various stages of exploration and production of oil and petroleum products, performs quality control tests, and issues certificates in this respect. It also evaluates patents and licenses of exploitation and the fees and forms related to oil operations and petroleum products.
NOC SubsidIaires
Akakus Oil Operation - AOO
Zawia Oil Refining Company - ARC
Arabian Gulf Oil Company - AGOCO
Harouge Oil Operations Company
Libyan Fertillizer Company - LIFECO
Mellitah Oil and Gas Co
Murzuq Oil Services Ltd - MOSL
North African Geophysical Exploration Co - NAGECO
The National Petroleum Construction Company - NPCC
National Oil Wells Drilling and Workover - NWD
Petro Air
Sarir Oil Operations - SOO
Taknia Libya Engineering Company - TLEC
Zallaf Libya Oil and Gas
Zueitina Oil Company - ZOC
Brega Petroleum Marketing Company
Jowfe Oil Technology Company
The National Oil Field Catering Company - NOFCAAT
Petroleum Research Center
Ras Lanuf Oil & Gas Processing Company - RASCO
Sirt Oil Company
Oil Clinic
Petroleum Training & Qualifying Insitute - PTQI
Nafusah Oil Operation - NOO
Waha Oil Company
Specific Training Center for Oil Industries
Mabruk Oil Operations