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17 - 18 January, 2024 | Istanbul, Türkiye

Unlocking Cybersecurity Excellence


Libya Tech Forum 2024
In an ever-evolving digital world, the Libya Tech Forum has been at the forefront of addressing the technological needs and trends of Libya. This year, our attention is squarely fixed on a paramount concern—Cyber Security.

Libya, a nation with boundless potential and burgeoning opportunities, is poised to make its mark on the global technological landscape. The Libya Tech Forum 2024 - Cyber Security is not merely a conference; it is a testament to Libya's promise in the realm of technology. It's a celebration of opportunities that await, and a call to action for those eager to explore the nation's digital frontiers.

In today's interconnected world, the security of our digital assets is paramount. As we navigate the challenges and seize the prospects of a digital age, it is crucial to ensure that our technological endeavors are fortified against the threats that abound in cyberspace.
At this year's conference
we are creating a unique nexus where decision-makers of prominent Libyan enterprises converge with cybersecurity professionals and solution providers. This platform serves as the crucible for addressing and planning the cybersecurity needs of Libya's industry giants and fostering potential collaborations.

But that's not all. In addition to the enriching conference sessions, we're excited to announce an innovative and interactive component: an exhibition. This exhibition will allow companies and solution providers to showcase their cutting-edge services and products, providing a hands-on experience for attendees to explore the latest in cybersecurity technology.
Join us on this
remarkable journey
We not only discuss the latest in cybersecurity but also shed light on Libya's bright future as a technological hub. Libya's opportunities are vast, and the Libya Tech Forum stands as a beacon of inspiration and collaboration for those eager to be part of this extraordinary journey.
A message from organizers
We are excited to extend our warmest greetings and introduce you to a remarkable opportunity the Libya Tech Forum 2024 - Cyber Security.

As the organizers of this prestigious event, we are deeply committed to advancing the technological landscape of Libya and addressing the pressing concerns of our digital age. With great anticipation, we announce that this year's forum will revolve around the critical theme of Cyber Security, a topic of paramount importance in today's interconnected world.

This year's conference promises to be a transformative experience, where we delve into the heart of Libya's technological aspirations while addressing the pressing issue of Cyber Security.

We are at your service whether you're an experienced cybersecurity professional, a tech enthusiast, or a business looking to tap into Libya's promising landscape, the Libya Tech Forum 2024 - Cyber Security is tailored to your needs.
Key Highlights
of the Libya Tech Forum 2024 - Cyber Security
In-depth discussions on cutting-edge cybersecurity trends and challenges.
A unique platform for decision-makers of prominent Libyan enterprises to interact with cybersecurity professionals and solution providers, fostering potential collaborations.
An interactive exhibition where companies and solution providers can showcase their state-of-the-art products and services.
Engaging keynote sessions, workshops, panel discussions, and networking opportunities.
Exploration of Libya's vast technological potential and promising opportunities.
Explore Cybersecurity's Future
Libya Tech Forum 2024 connects experts, decision-makers, and innovators to protect digital landscapes and unlock Libya's potential.
Who are going to attend
Solution Providers
Companies offering cybersecurity products and services, including leading international cybersecurity firms, seeking to showcase their offerings and network with potential clients.
Business Leaders
and Decision-Makers
CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, and other executives in Telecom and finance enterprises interested in enhancing their organization's cybersecurity posture.
Cybersecurity Professionals
Security analysts, information security officers, ethical hackers, and anyone involved in safeguarding digital assets.
Technology Enthusiasts
Individuals passionate about technology, digital innovations, and cybersecurity trends.
Academics and Researchers
Professors, researchers, and Libyan students seeking to explore and contribute to the field of cybersecurity.
Government and Policy Makers
Officials responsible for shaping cybersecurity policies and regulations.
Startups and Entrepreneurs
Innovators with cybersecurity-related startups or business ideas looking for opportunities and guidance.
Aspiring cybersecurity professionals and tech enthusiasts in Libya seeking knowledge and career guidance.
International Participants
Professionals, experts, and key players from around the world in the cybersecurity industry who are interested in Libya's tech and cybersecurity landscape.
Media and Journalists
Media representatives covering technology and cybersecurity developments.
Event Topics
Security operation Center
Given your outlined point on network security and endpoint security as categories with multiple products under them, including Network Detection and Response (NDR) and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) . These tools play a crucial role in strengthening an organization's overall cybersecurity posture. When combined with Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems, they form the cornerstone of a Security Operations Center (SOC). Therefore, it's essential to add and delve into the concept of SOC, outlining its significance and the benefits of implementing an effective SOC.
Vulnerability Assessment
Definition and Importance: Explain what vulnerability assessment is and why it's crucial for identifying weaknesses in the telecommunication network.
and if possible Case Studies: Provide real-world examples or case studies showcasing the impact of effective vulnerability assessments in preventing security incidents and maintaining the integrity of telecommunication networks.
Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response
(SOAR) is particularly valuable in today's dynamic cybersecurity landscape where threats are diverse, sophisticated, and can evolve rapidly. It enhances the ability of security teams to detect, respond to, and mitigate security incidents in a more timely and effective manner.
Security in Virtualization
Given the increasing reliance on virtualized infrastructure, discuss the security considerations and best practices for implementing secure virtualization technologies in telecommunications.
Cybersecurity for Existing 4G and Legacy Networks
While focusing on 5G security, also address the importance of maintaining robust cybersecurity measures for existing 4G and legacy networks.
Digital Forensics
Cover the basics of digital forensics and its role in investigating and responding to cyber incidents within the telecommunication sector.
Secure Backup
how to store and secure backup data from tampering and ransomware attacks
Step into the Future of Cybersecurity!
Explore, Engage, and Elevate Your Security Game at the Libya Tech Forum 2024 Exhibition. Secure Your Spot
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